1: 1. Ziva and Tony’s return after years 2. New NCIS spinoff with old favorites

2: 3. Chemistry and banter between Ziva and Tony 4. Action-packed episodes with suspense

3: 5. Intriguing storyline and character development 6. Guest appearances from original cast members

4: 7. Discovering Ziva and Tony’s post-NCIS lives 8. Nostalgic moments and references to past episodes

5: 9. Mysterious cases and unexpected twists 10. Emotional reunions and heartfelt moments.

6: 11. Fresh perspective on the NCIS universe 12. New challenges and alliances for Ziva and Tony.

7: 13. High stakes and intense investigations 14. Dynamic chemistry between Ziva and Tony.

8: 15. Epic confrontations and surprising revelations 16. Fans' excitement for Ziva and Tony’s return.

9: 17. The must-watch factor of Ziva and Tony’s spinoff 18. Can't miss the action-packed and emotional journey.