1: 1. Start a blog or YouTube channel 2. Freelance writing or graphic design 3. Virtual assistant services

2: 4. Sell products online through Etsy or Shopify 5. Create online courses or eBooks 6. Stock market trading

3: 7. Rent out your property on Airbnb 8. Drive for Uber or Lyft 9. Participate in online surveys or focus groups

4: 10. Offer consulting services in your area of expertise 11. Start a dropshipping business 12. Become a social media influencer

5: 13. Invest in real estate 14. Do odd jobs on TaskRabbit 15. Sell handmade crafts on Etsy or at local markets

6: 16. Become a pet sitter or dog walker 17. Rent out your car on Turo 18. Start a podcast and monetize it

7: 19. Become a freelance photographer 20. Teach classes or workshops in your skillset 21. Create and sell digital products like printables or templates

8: 22. Offer tutoring services in subjects you excel in 23. Become an affiliate marketer 24. Start a cleaning or organizing business

9: 25. Monetize your social media accounts through sponsored posts 26. Participate in online focus groups or market research studies 27. Offer meal prep or personal chef services