1 Loaded cabbage casserole with ground beef, rice, and cheese. A comforting and hearty meal perfect for weeknight dinners.

2 Cheesy stuffed cabbage roll casserole with juicy ground turkey. A delicious twist on a classic favorite.

3 Savory cabbage and sausage casserole with onions and spices. A flavorful dish that is sure to please the whole family.

4 Creamy vegetarian cabbage and mushroom casserole. A rich and satisfying option for meatless Mondays.

5 Spicy Mexican-style cabbage casserole with black beans and corn. A zesty and colorful twist on traditional cabbage dishes.

6 Garlicky Mediterranean cabbage and chickpea casserole with tomatoes and olives. A healthy and flavorful option for your next meal.

7 Irresistible cabbage and bacon casserole with potatoes and cream sauce. A decadent and comforting dish for special occasions.

8 Hearty cabbage and lentil casserole with warming spices. A nutritious and filling option for cold winter nights.

9 Sweet and tangy pineapple cabbage casserole with ham. A tropical-inspired dish that will transport your taste buds. Enjoy!