1: Discover the valuable American nickels worth more than 5 cents in circulation today.

2: The 1942-S Jefferson nickel with a "double eye" error is highly sought after.

3: The 1939-D "double Monticello" nickel is a rare find with a unique design.

4: Learn about the 1950-D nickel with a repunched mintmark, a collector's favorite.

5: Collectors covet the 1964 "special mint set" Jefferson nickel for its rarity.

6: Explore the 2004 and 2005 Jefferson nickels with a "peace handshake" design.

7: The 2009 Jefferson nickel with a "presidential peace medal" design is a must-have.

8: Don't overlook the 1937-D "three-legged Buffalo" nickel, a prized collectible.

9: Keep an eye out for these valuable American nickels while going through your change.