1: Start your day right with these quick and delicious Mediterranean Diet breakfasts.

2: 1. Greek yogurt with berries and honey - a protein-packed option to keep you full.

3: 2. Avocado toast with a sprinkle of feta cheese - a satisfying and nutrient-rich choice.

4: 3. Shakshuka with whole grain bread - a flavorful twist on the classic egg dish.

5: 4. Chia seed pudding with nuts and fruit - a high-fiber and omega-3 boost.

6: 5. Overnight oats with Greek yogurt and almond butter - a make-ahead and hearty option.

7: These 10-minute breakfasts are perfect for busy moms looking to eat healthy.

8: Enjoy these delicious recipes while staying on track with your weight loss goals.

9: Incorporate these Mediterranean Diet breakfasts into your routine for a healthier lifestyle.