1: Discover the 1936 dot nickel, one of the rarest coins in Canadian history, only five known to exist.

2: The 1913 Liberty Head nickel, worth millions, was once considered a fake until its authenticity was confirmed.

3: The 1914/1913 buffalo nickel showcases the date error, making it a valuable treasure for collectors.

4: The Hawaii five-o nickel was minted in 1920, with only five known to exist, making it a coveted find.

5: The 1950-D Jefferson nickel boasts a unique mintage error, making it a sought-after gem for coin enthusiasts.

6: The 2000-P "Cheerios" Jefferson nickel is a rare promotional coin, distributed in cereal boxes for a limited time.

7: The 2004-D Wisconsin quarter features an extra leaf error, adding value to this modern coin rarity.

8: The 2005-P "Speared Bison" buffalo nickel showcases a die gouge, creating a distinctive variety for collectors.

9: The 1942/41 Jefferson nickel is a rare overdate error, with only a handful known to exist, a true find for numismatists.