1: Blue Blood wraps up after 14 seasons. Tom Selleck bids farewell as CBS releases statement.

2: Fans react to the end of the beloved police procedural. What's next for the Reagan family?

3: Tom Selleck reflects on his time as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. The legacy of Blue Blood.

4: CBS addresses the decision to end Blue Blood. What led to the show's final season?

5: The impact of Blue Blood on television. How the series changed the crime drama genre.

6: Cast members share their thoughts on the show's conclusion. Memorable moments from 14 seasons.

7: Tom Selleck and the cast express gratitude to loyal fans. Why the show resonated with viewers.

8: The future of Tom Selleck's career post-Blue Blood. What's next for the iconic actor?

9: Final thoughts on the end of Blue Blood. A look back at the series' lasting legacy.