1: French Manicure Basics Elevate your nail game with classic French tips. Get creative with glitter, ombre, and geometric patterns.

2: Timeless French Tip Designs Explore timeless French tip variations like the double tip, reverse French, and French ombré for a chic look.

3: Glitter French Manicure Add sparkle to your nails with glitter French tips. Choose from subtle shimmer or bold, statement-making glitter.

4: Floral French Manicure Bring a touch of spring to your nails with floral French designs. Experiment with dainty flowers or intricate botanical patterns.

5: French Fade Nails Achieve a soft, gradient effect with French fade nails. Blend two complementary colors for a dreamy, ethereal look.

6: French Mani with a Twist Step outside the traditional French tip with unique twists like metallic accents, negative space, and graphic lines.

7: French Manicure for Short Nails Short nails can still rock a French mani! Opt for minimalist designs, diagonal tips, or half-moons for a polished finish.

8: French Manicure for Long Nails Showcase your length with bold French tip designs. Experiment with colorful tips, almond shapes, and stiletto nails for drama.

9: DIY French Manicure Tips Master the art of French tips at home. Use nail guides, striping tape, and dotting tools for flawless French manicures every time.