1: Legendary Olympian Michael Phelps, once a swimming sensation, now leads a quieter life out of the spotlight.

2: After winning 28 Olympic medals, Phelps has transitioned to a life focused on his family and mental health.

3: Phelps' physical transformation is evident; his athletic frame has given way to a more relaxed physique.

4: Despite his change in appearance, Phelps remains an advocate for mental health awareness and Olympic sports.

5: The swimmer's commitment to his family shines through in his new role as a father and husband.

6: Phelps uses his platform to raise awareness about mental health challenges and the importance of seeking help.

7: While his competitive days are over, Phelps continues to inspire others through his journey of personal growth.

8: Today, Michael Phelps may look different, but his legacy as an Olympic legend remains strong.

9: Discover how the once unstoppable swimmer has transformed into a beacon of hope and perseverance.