1: Start your day with a burst of flavor with Spinach and Prosciutto Frittata Muffins.

2: Whip up this quick and easy recipe in under 30 minutes for a delicious breakfast.

3: Preheat your oven and gather eggs, spinach, prosciutto, and muffin tin for prep.

4: Cook prosciutto until crispy, then sauté spinach until wilted.

5: Whisk eggs, combine with prosciutto, spinach, and pour into muffin tin.

6: Bake until golden brown and enjoy a savory frittata muffin.

7: Make ahead and store for a convenient grab-and-go breakfast option.

8: These frittata muffins are perfect for meal prepping a week of breakfasts.

9: Savor the morning bliss of Spinach and Prosciutto Frittata Muffins in no time.