1: "NCIS" stars Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo reunite for new spinoff series.

2: Fans excited for return of beloved characters Tony and Ziva in new show.

3: Chemistry between Weatherly and De Pablo set to ignite screen once more.

4: Spinoff series promises action, drama, and romance for Tony and Ziva.

5: Weatherly and De Pablo's on-screen partnership hailed as iconic and unforgettable.

6: New series set to explore Tony and Ziva's post-"NCIS" adventures and relationship.

7: Weatherly and De Pablo's return to TV screens eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

8: Spinoff series promises to delve deeper into Tony and Ziva's complex and intense dynamic.

9: Excitement builds as Weatherly and De Pablo gear up for new chapter in their characters' story.