1 Roman Reigns delivers an emotional farewell as he vacates the New Undisputed Championship title. Fans are left stunned by his announcement.

2 The WWE Universe mourns the departure of Roman Reigns from the ring. His legacy as the undisputed champion is celebrated worldwide.

3 Reigns' final moments in the ring bring tears to the eyes of fans. His emotional goodbye leaves a lasting impact on the WWE community.

4 The New Undisputed Championship title remains vacant after Reigns' departure. Who will step up to claim the coveted title next?

5 The wrestling world bids a bittersweet farewell to Roman Reigns. His emotional exit sets the stage for a new era in WWE.

6 Reigns' departure sparks speculation about his future in wrestling. Will he return to reclaim his title as the undisputed champion?

7 The reign of Roman Reigns comes to an end, but his legacy lives on. Fans remember his emotional goodbye with reverence.

8 The New Undisputed Championship title is up for grabs. Who will rise to the challenge and claim the coveted title in Reigns' absence?

9 Roman Reigns' emotional farewell marks the end of an era in wrestling. The New Undisputed Championship awaits its next rightful owner.