1: Stephanie McMahon introduces the new era at WrestleMania XL Sunday.

2: Paul Triple H Levesque takes charge of WWE at WrestleMania XL Sunday.

3: Fans witness the beginning of a new era under Triple H's leadership.

4: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H make history at WrestleMania XL Sunday.

5: The WWE Universe embraces the change brought by Triple H and Stephanie.

6: WrestleMania XL Sunday marks a turning point for WWE with Triple H in power.

7: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H lead WWE into the future at WrestleMania XL Sunday.

8: The legacy of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H's reign begins at WrestleMania XL.

9: WrestleMania XL Sunday cements Triple H and Stephanie's place in WWE history.