1: Naruto Uzumaki, the fearless leader, skilled in shadow clones and sage mode.

2: Luffy, the rubber pirate with unlimited potential and unmatched determination.

3: Goku, the Saiyan warrior, known for his incredible power and unwavering spirit.

4: Levi Ackerman, the skilled soldier, with unmatched speed and precision in combat.

5: Erza Scarlet, the powerful mage, with the ability to wield hundreds of swords.

6: Saitama, the one-punch man, with unparalleled strength and unbeatable power.

7: Sesshomaru, the powerful demon, with deadly poison and sword skills.

8: Light Yagami, the intelligent strategist, with the power to eliminate foes with a single stroke.

9: Edward Elric, the alchemist with incredible agility and the ability to transmute anything.